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A semi realistic wolf rpg
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 Roleplay Event

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PostSubject: Roleplay Event   Wed Nov 25, 2015 8:06 pm

As you guys may have noticed. I have not been very active in the rp. I have been busy, but the main reason why I have not been rp'ing is my lack of interest to play Cherokee. She's seems too underdeveloped and I have lost the motivation to play her anymore. She has almost no emotional flaws, and while I could always add extra details to her bio to help develop her farther, I kind of want to completely change things up. So I will be killing her off and replacing her with a new character. I do have some ideas as how I'm going to do this and who I want as my new character, so I wanted to share that with you.

Cherokee will die from a bear attack... but it won't be that simple, she could easily outwit a bear and escape, so she will need a reason to want to actually take on this beast. This is where my new character will come into play. He will be Cherokee's long lost brother, Loki, who was kicked from the pack at a young age for being too aggressive. He claims to have changed his ways, and Cherokee, always putting trust in others will give him a chance to redeem himself. Trying to prove his loyalty to the pack, Loki tries to chase a bear out of the territory, but the bear decides to attack back. Cherokee sees what is happening and steps in to protect her brother. She tells him to run while she distracts the bear, but he is too stubborn and refuses. The two are not able to hold off the bear and Cherokee ends up being killed. Because he is the only other wolf in her bloodline, she leaves the pack under his rule, wanting to keep the alpha position within the family. With her dieing breaths she tells him to lead the pack to Nakariave. He will do his best to carry out his sisters wishes. Though he seems to be disliked by many in the pack, and has a much worse attitude than Cherokee. This will stir up some drama within the pack.

I will be making an rp event of this bear attack, and anyone who wants to participate must reply to this thread first, as the topic will be private.

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Roleplay Event
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