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 Kasai the Flamewalker

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PostSubject: Kasai the Flamewalker   Kasai the Flamewalker EmptyWed Oct 28, 2015 12:18 pm

Name: Kasai (means "fire" in Japanese)
Age: 3 years old
Gender: male
Breed: timber wolf
Rank: scout
Totem: coyote

Mother: Sakura ~ A cream colored wolf with red highlights and orange eyes. (deceased)
Father: Mokuzai ~ A similar colored wolf to Kasai, except has green eyes and no red in pelt. (deceased)
Siblings: Akira ~ looks like mother, except she doesn't have any red highlights and has green eyes.
Other Family: various aunts and uncles... maybe a cousin or two?
Friends: none yet

Build: Kasai isn't the biggest male on the block. No, in fact he's rather small. His short legs won't get him far, and he isn't very flexible, but he makes up for that with a lot of muscle and a long body. He stands 26 inches at the shoulder, and weighs 105lbs. His claws and fangs are nothing special, your average size. on the other hand, his ears are large, giving him a goofy look.
Fur: Kasai's fur is long and thick, which keeps out the winter cold and the summer heat. His fur is cream white near the stomach, with tan stripes going down his legs. Than, on his back, black fur blends in with his white and tan fur, making an array of colors. His large ears are red colored, and because of their size he has good hearing. His brow is black colored, while the top of his muzzle is tan and the bottom of it is white. He has no noticeable markings or scars, besides his red ears.
Eyes: His eyes are a warm and bright orange, like a dying fire in a fireplace.

Personality: Kasai, like his namesake, is not shy, or quiet in any way. No, in fact he is extremely talkative and enjoys every bit of company. Though he can seem blunt and sometimes un-mature, he is fiercely loyal to his alpha and pack-mates and will always stand by them, even if they don't like him. Thanks to his muscular body, he is a good fighter, and he would have ended up as a warrior if he didn't had a bad taste for battle. He's one to move first, talk later which can make him quite foolish, but very brave. Though he can piss you off sometimes, he will always be your greatest companion.
Likes: talking, hanging out with companions, not thinking too hard about anything.
Dislikes: rogues/loners, wolves who don't keep their promises, water
Strengths: tracking, fighting, is pretty brave
Weaknesses: doesn't think before doing something, says whatever is on his mind, not made for running.

Kasai was born on a bright, summer day, where his parents saw the beams of light coming through the den's ceiling, landing on the newborn pup and making his pelt a bright, fire red, which is what had earned him his name. along with his sister, Akira. The pack he lived in was new, and could barely be called that, because the only wolves that lived in those woods were their parents, and their aunts and uncles. Kasai's parents were the leaders of this ragtag group, and even though their numbers were small, their parents were determined that one day, they could even rival their neighbors, the "Noburu" Pack. Kasai's and Akira's first months were pleasant and uneventful, they were well fed and a couple wolves had joined the pack, and had mated with some of their aunts and uncles. But in their later months, the small pack couldn't hunt enough food to sustain itself, and was suffering hunger problems. One day, a Noburu wolf came over to their territory and offered a deal. Give over the Alpha's beautiful daughter, Akira, for mating purposes, and the Noburu would provide the small pack more food than they can ever dream of.  The small pack quickly refused the offer, saying that they would never abandon one of their own, but Akira wanted to be handed over, if it was for the sake of the pack.  After a couple days and nights of arguing, the small pack reluctantly agreed. Before Akira went away with the messenger, she left a parting message for Kasai, one that he'll never forget. "Loyalty and devotion lead to bravery. Bravery leads to the spirit of self-sacrifice. The spirit of self-sacrifice creates trust in the power of love" (This quote isn't by me, btw) and so she left. The Noburu pack kept their word, and plenty of food was sent over a week later. But Kasai couldn't accept Akira's decision. "I have to save my sister! I can't let her fall in the paws of some pervert!" he said to himself, and left his pack to head towards the Noburu pack. And what he found was... well, not what he expected. Akira seemed truly happy in this new pack. She was laughing, playing around with some pups and was cuddling with her new lover. Kasai was about to turn and leave when he was caught by the pack. The Noburu pack was enraged by this betrayal, and attacked Kasai's small pack. "Stop it! stop it!" Akira howled out at her new pack, but they ignored her. In one final act of desperation to save her old pack, she flung herself in front of two wolves battling each other, and was killed. Shocked, the Noburu stopped attacking and left. But the damage was done, only a couple members of his pack was left, and his parents, the alphas, were some of the ones who were killed in the battle. The last remaining members scattered, and that left Kasai alone, forever remembering his sister's sacrifice.
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PostSubject: Re: Kasai the Flamewalker   Kasai the Flamewalker EmptyThu Oct 29, 2015 7:01 pm

Everything looks good. Welcome to Northern Frost!
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Kasai the Flamewalker
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