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A semi realistic wolf rpg
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 Lucifer ~ Brute ~ Lion

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PostSubject: Lucifer ~ Brute ~ Lion   Mon Oct 26, 2015 6:28 am


Name: Luciferous Angelos. Addressed by ‘Lucifer’
Age: 36 Moons
Gender: Brute
Breed: 50% Canis Lupus Bernardi
50% Canis Lupis Rufus
Rank: Healer
Totem: Lion

Mother: Sapphira ~ Deceased
Father: Firux ~ Deceased
Siblings: Brother – Jerahmiel, Zachariel ~ Both Deceased
Sister – Ariel ~ Dispersed
Other Family: None.
Friends: None yet.

Build: Lucifer has a large frame. His muscles make himself appear large. His length comes up to 3.5 feet from the tip of his nose to his tail. He also reaches 2.5 feet in height.

Fur: Lucifer’s plume is splashed with colours of maroon, amber, and pigments of obsidian. His underbelly and most of his fur is coloured in a soft shade of cream. His most profound and striking colours are the ambers and maroons placed upon his head which trails along his back and finally down to the tip of his fluffy tail. His mane is thick and coarse as the rest of his fur is. His frame appear slightly larger than supposed to be as his hide is fluffy.

Eyes: His eyes represent a colour of golden honey. His irises are outlined by profound rings of obsidian. His irises are also freckled with the same shade of obsidian as his rings are. When hit by rays of the sun, his irises appear to be more of a sun-setting colour.


Determined: Lucifer is a very determined spirit. He is willing to do anything and everything to achieve what is desired of him. His determination has always been there and is unlikely to depart anytime soon. This trait could likely be the most admired and attainable.

Brutal In Honesty: Lucifer is a terribly straight-forward and brutal character when it comes to honesty. Some may consider him rude and a pain, but to him, honesty should never be sugar coated. He is always one to point out a flaw or a statement without filtering his thoughts. Though it may seem like a negative trait, he uses it to his advantages.

Intellectual: He is a smart character. He usually hangs back and scopes out the situation before handling it on his own. He uses his knowledge to counteract any situation he is put under. He does take time to study his surroundings.  Gaining knowledge and facts about whatever is around him seems to give him an advantage during trivial times.

Self-Confident: With great intellect, comes great confidence. Lucifer is always appearing high and mighty and is proud of himself. This trait, annoying at times, is his most profound. He is rarely having his head and tail low. He appears Dominant to those below him but he does have to be Submissive around a character of higher ranks. He knows he appears strong and he is prideful.

Reserved: Although boasting his pride, he is a rather quiet character. Having barely anything to say, he keeps to himself. He also keeps to himself as he does not intend to hurt others with his brutal honesty. He has learned to keep his mouth shut at times needed. He is always observed to be quiet, studying and listening to everything.

Flexible and Versatile: Lucifer’s observations add a bonus to his versatility. He is able to adapt to any area, surroundings, hierarchy’s and others. His adaptable personality is often envied by others. He is very comfortable with any given situation and often makes himself at home in newer and alien areas.

Bad tempered: Lucifer possesses a terrible and dangerous temper. His temper tends to reach it’s boiling point quickly, resulting in bloodbaths. He usually refrains from activities which tend to cause him to get angry. He is not the best person to be around when in a foul mood.

Likes: Showing off his strength, Attention from others, Adventuring, Star-Gazing and Heights.

Dislikes: Unwanted Challenges, Arrogance, Outsiders, Stronger Opponents and Being Looked Down upon.

Strengths: His strength, healing skills as well as charisma.

Weaknesses: His over-confidence, his temper, pups.

History: Born into a litter of four, Lucifer was the eldest. His father, Firux, had intended to shape him into the newest Alpha in his own pack. In order to do so, Lucifer had to undergo brutal and cruel training. Firux believed in order to turn his litter into a feared quartet, he had to set a role model. Lucifer had to be that role model.

Firux trained him, with little compassion and more brutality in order to shape him into the leader he wanted. As a pup, Lucifer feared his father. As an adult, Lucifer feared becoming his father. By the fair age of two, he had been turned into a killing machine with his brothers and sister following behind.

Lucifer realized what he was becoming as he assumed the Alpha role for a few months when his father fell ill. His mother had gone through the same illness and had died. This didn’t affect him much as he was kept away from his mother throughout his life, although it did affect his siblings.

Once Lucifer had reached his breaking point with the tormentive behaviour of his father, he dispersed from his pack. He had endured 7 months on his own before stumbling upon this pack.



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PostSubject: Re: Lucifer ~ Brute ~ Lion   Mon Oct 26, 2015 7:08 am

You have 20 Stat points to start off with, which you have gone over. Besides that everything looks good. Just fix your stats and I will have this accepted.
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PostSubject: Re: Lucifer ~ Brute ~ Lion   Mon Oct 26, 2015 10:09 am

Apologies, I understood 20 points for each stat. All fixed.I counted.
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PostSubject: Re: Lucifer ~ Brute ~ Lion   Mon Oct 26, 2015 1:13 pm


Click picture to go to bio
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PostSubject: Re: Lucifer ~ Brute ~ Lion   

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Lucifer ~ Brute ~ Lion
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