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A semi realistic wolf rpg
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 Northern Frost High School Students

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PostSubject: Northern Frost High School Students   Northern Frost High School Students EmptyMon Oct 19, 2015 9:56 am

Here are all the students, I had to put them here so that they wouldn't stretch the page depending on how many students we got.


Name: Lupa
Nickname(s): Loopy and only by anyone very close to her Lu
Name Pronunciation: Loo - pa
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Nationality: Spanish
Job: Volunteers at stables
Belongings: A picture of her mother, a phone, a laptop, headphones, art equipment
Club: Sport


Appearance: Lupa has brown, quite long hair that goes just to the midway line on her back. She often wears black clothing and trousers, never a skirt, well usually anyway. On special occasions she will wear a skirt or dress but in general she doesn't. Her hair is quite thick and wavy but she manages with it, Lupa will never let it knot up so often wears her hair up, only sometimes will she have it down.
Eyes: Her eyes are a hazel brown in colour
Build: Lupa is quite tall and well muscled, although she is also slim. She plays a lot of sport so is well muscled as well as slim and she is taller than most people.
Voice: Her voice is a Spanish accent
Native Language: English and Spanish


Persona: Strong minded || Loyal || Feisty|| Clever
Lupa is very clever with how she does things, they never catch her off guard, well usually anyway. She is very difficult to read, often bottling things up inside and only letting them out once it's too late. She doesn't understand some simple emotions that others may feel like love or affection but is familiar with being pushed out by everyone, she has never had anyone lover her because of her quick temper and strange personality. Or friends really for that matter. She does really want to make friends but it's hard for her as she's feisty and sort of aggressive but prefers to describe herself as feisty as otherwise she sounds like an animal.
Lupa is extremely loyal to anyone who is her friend or family and will never do anything to deliberately hurt their feelings. She does, however, sometimes do the wrong thing at the wrong time, sometimes making situations worse. Although she seems like a horrible person she is actually really kind and always works hard at everything she does. She is clever and witty, a quick thinker and strong minded. Basically she is stubborn especially when she thinks she's right.

Family: Skye || Mother || Alive
Flynn || Father || Alive


Relationship Status: Single
Crush: --
Relationship: --
Best Friend: --
Friends: --
Acquaintances: --
Enemies: --
Arch Enemy: --

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Northern Frost High School Students
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