Northern Frost

A semi realistic wolf rpg
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Name: Twilight
Age: 7 years
Gender: female
Breed: Mexican gray wolf
Rank: Scout
Totem: Deer

Mother: Sapphire - Sapphire was a sleek and nimble reddish wolf that was the proud beta of her pack, until the day she found out she was going to have pups. Being a beta ment her pack was meant to be her only priority, so she made the split decision to leave her pack anonymously. A few months later she gave birth to a healthy litter of 3 pups, but she was very confused as not one of her pups looked like her or the wolf she thought was there father. After her pups had left to live there own lives Sapphire mysteriously disappeared.    
Father: (Unknown)
Siblings: Dusk (male, alive) & Dawn (female, alive)
Other Family: Jade ( Sapphire's sister, alive)
Friends: Dusk & Dawn as she occasionally sees them.

Build: Twilight is a slender wolf build made for speed and stamina, perfect for dry flat landscapes; But she can be brittle and fragile.
Fur: Twilight's coat is thin and adapted to Dry & hot. Her coat is a beautiful mix of a dark brown shorter hairs and slightly longer black hairs.Eyes: Twilights eyes are an ice blue that stands out against her dark coat.

Personality: Twilight is a sweet wolf, she is fiercely loyal and would do anything for her pack. She has great speed & stamina, but lacks strength. She is usually quite calm and docile , but she can get worked up. Twilight is a great listener & she always follows instructions, she is very observant of even the littlest things.  
Likes: Hot weather, calm environments, being independent, running long distances, observing things.  
Dislikes: Cold, snowy weather, water, fighting/violence, disrespectful wolves.
Strengths: Speed, stamina, a keen sense of smell, street smarts, her intelligence, knowing what's best.  
Weaknesses: Strength, fighting, cold weather, swimming, tense situations.
Stats: 7 speed, 7 Stamina, 6 Strength  
History: One humid morning the sun had risen just above the horizon where 3 young adult wolves were gathered. One of the 3 siblings muttered so this is really it, yes twilight, this is really it responded the larger male wolf. Then finally the wolf sitting in the middle suggested, lets just say good bye and leave, so there are no emotions. The 2 other wolves responded in unison, that's a great idea dawn.  

A few weeks after twilight had left her siblings and mother she was nosing around a rock wall when she stumbles across an opening in the rock. hesitant at first twilight sticks her soft paw into the large hole, feeling nothing to worry about twilight sticks her head in. Twilight slowly pads into the huge cave with cold rocky ground, she suddenly catches a whiff of a very familiar scent, Wolves!  
Twilight wearily pads even further only to find bones of freshly made kills!
Twilight immediately gets the thought running through her mind,
Could this be my destiny?

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Congradulations! Your bio has been approved! Enjoy your stay.
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