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 Lloyd the bat

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PostSubject: Lloyd the bat   Lloyd the bat EmptySat Oct 10, 2015 6:25 pm

Lloyd the bat 4443425


5 years old


Grey Wolf x Steppe Wolf






Other Family:
Uncle Joey♂
Aunt Alexandra♀

None as of yet

Lloyd has a muscular frame, yet he is slim making it easy for him to maneuver despite his large frame. He stands at 85cm, above the adverage size for a male wolf.

An inky black with grey here and there.

Lloyd has Heterochromia, a difference in his eye coloration; right eye is a stormy blue while his left is a dark mint green.

Anti-social- Lloyd isn't really social, he prefers his solitude rather than the company of others. He is just fine being in the company of the shadows and night. Because of this Lloyd is a bit socially awkward in large quantities of wolves. But do not let this trait fool you. Lloyd maybe quite most of the time, however he will not be pushed around and will speak his mind whether you like it or not.

Sarcastic- Lloyd has a sarcastic streak in him  especially  when he's annoyed. Lloyds sarcasm can get him in trouble sometimes depending on how you perceive it. When you get to know him Lloyd can be a funny wolf.

Incisive- Lloyd always has a clear head even in tough situations where everybody is panicking. This is one of his best traits as you could rely on him when it's a time of need. Lloyd will always be there when dark and hard times come.

Reticent- Like his totem Lloyd is very secretive. He doesn't easily reveal his emotions either making him out to be a bit stoic than he really is. He doesn't like to reveal personal things either making it hard to befriend him and even harder to just be an  acquaintance.

Crafty- Lloyd is a sly devil. He is crafty in his ways as his imagination is a bit dark. This can be a bit of a problem since most don't trust wolves who can easily twist their words and get out of things. Lloyd maybe sly, but you can trust him with your life.

Dependable- All though Lloyd isn't talkative or social he is very dependable. You can trust him to be there when all hell breaks loose or when your in need of emotional support.

Passionate- Lloyd may seem a bit hostile and uncaring but he actually is the complete opposite. Lloyd is a very passionate wolf whether it be by his  occupation, lover, or interests. You can find him to be sweet and a big softy despite his hard exterior.

::Rain::  ::Midnight::  ::Silence::  ::Secrets::

::Stampedes::  ::When its too hot or too cold out::  ::Fussy wolves::  ::Hateful creatures::

:: Swimming :: Lying :: Hiding his true emotions :: Keeping Secrets :: Fighting :: Leadership

Interacting with others :: Running for too long :: Hot climates :: Confiding


The Birth

Like all newborn life Lloyd was conceived in the mid of winter and born in early spring. He was born into a litter of three, him being the eldest. However, he was not as big as his siblings. He was the runt of the litter and for that his father despised him. Lloyd's father was known for his savageness in fighting and being narrow minded. However, Lloyd's mother was soft, and gentle, and known for being open minded out of the mated pair. She protected and provided Lloyd the love of a mother while Lloyd's father looked down on him, physically and mentally abusing him. His mother could only do so much and often paid the price for protecting Lloyd.

3 Months

At the age of two months Lloyd started to harbor and abhorrence for his father's antics towards him and his mother. It was around this time that his siblings would play fight to see who was stronger then the other. Lloyd often avoided these fights for his siblings would gang up on him and inflict small wounds. However, he watched them from afar and would practice on his own or with an older sibling from a previous litter his parents had.

Slowly he grew to learn how to defend himself and learned to ignore his fathers harsh words. It was around this time that Lloyd dreamed to become a warrior to help protect those he loved. It was two months later when Lloyd had finally grown into his skin. He was bigger then his sister, but a few inches smaller then his younger brother. One would think he would earn his father's love. After all Lloyd did it was for nothing. The young pup only wished for his father's love, and after everything he did to try to earn that was all thrown back into his face.

1 year

At one year Lloyd was trained to become a warrior, he was pushed, shoved, and mocked by others yet he still held his head high. It was around this time his mother gave birth to a litter of five, but prey was scarce. The herds were either small or had many healthy members. Making it harder to the hunters to catch and when ever they did catch something it was small. Lloyd shared his food with his mother starving himself so the next generation would be strong and healthy. Only his attempts were futile. Three pups died from starvation and his mother went into depression. Lloyd being the selfless wolf he is tried to help his mother by taking care of his one month old siblings and her.

Having enough Lloyd snapped at his mother. Yelling and her to snap out of it and tend to her pups. Only there was no response. That's when he left to blow off some steam. His father was missing leaving the pack in an uproar and all through this his mother was unresponsive. Lloyd spent his night away from the pack trying to catch something for his siblings and mother. In early morning Lloyd managed to catch a hare as he was returning back home. Only to find his mother and two surviving siblings gone! Panicking he followed their trail to the best of his ability. As the scent grew stronger he also smelt something else. Until he grew closer did he see what was wrong. There stood his father mother and two siblings. Only there was a problem. Blood. Lots of it.

One of his siblings lay dead while his mother's white coat was smeared with blood and open wounds. His father had blood shot eyes that twinkled with madness and little spittle of foam coming from his mouth. Seeing his father attacking his mother triggered something in Lloyd. He attacked his father blinded with rage at what he had done. Every emotion that Lloyd bottled up exploded as he attacked his father. Every taunt, every negative action he received was finally let out. It was only when his jaws ripped out his fathers throat did he stop. He was in shock. He never killed another when he was training to be a warrior. No matter what his father did to him he did not deserve the violent death Lloyd gave him. The carcass was hardly recognizable.

He was snapped out of his shock when a sting of pain came from his shoulder then a body smashing into his effectively pinning him. Acting on instinct and months of train Lloyd attacked back snapping at the intruder. It was only when his jaws wrapped around his attackers neck did he realized who it was. His brother! Letting go Lloyd backed up only to hear more growls and be tackled again. At first he didn't understand as to why his pack attacked him until they threw him into the den. They thought he attacked his mother and killing his father and young brother.

3 days later his mother came to see him in private. She was frail and sick, often pausing to cough as she spoke to him. She smiled gently at him before she left him a partying gift; his sister. That was the last time he saw her. A day later his mother died causing his pack to mourn their monarch. That day was when he was dragged out of the den and brought before the new Alpha. An older brother named Samuel. One of his tormentors and even worse then their father. A whole hour the pack beat him to the brick of death only to be healed just to be beat again. This lasted a week before Lloyd finally had enough. Though he was hurt and starved as he often gave his food to his hidden sister he still planned his escape. He was going to leave at night when the moon was high in the sky.  When the time came Lloyd knocked out his guards and grabbed his little sister and fled. He ran for 2 days straight until he was out and a safe distance from his old packs territory. It was then that he and his little sister survived as loners, looking for a pack to start anew.

3 years

Lloyd and his sister, Kito, had found a pack a year after they went rouge. The pack was nice and friendly. At first Lloyd was going to stick with being a warrior, but he changed his mind and began to learn about medicine and remedy's. His mentor was a wise old wolf who was patient with Lloyd's frustration. He often laughed joyfully at Lloyd as he taught him all he knew. The two became close as Lloyd often went to him for advice. Lloyd was in his last year of training when a certain fae caught his eye. She was as dark as the night with piercing blue eyes so dark that Lloyd found himself wondering on how they were so dark. He watched her from afar until Lloyd's mentor finally gave him the position as the packs healer. Being burdened with this responsibility left Lloyd little time to be with his sister or admire his crush from afar. It was only then when the dark female came in with a common cough did he speak. Asking questions about her. He was so nervous that he started stuttering. The female that he learned to be known as Sveta found this amusing. That's how the two became as mates.

It was late winter when Lloyd's mentor died from old age. Lloyd went into a depression, working himself into exhaustion. When late spring came he finally snapped out of his grief to witness his first litter. He was happy yet scared for he grew up with no father figure. But he tried his best to be there for his sons and daughters. It was a few days after the birth of pups that another pack attacked them in the dead of night. Lloyd was woke up and walked out of his den only to smell intruders. He just called out the alarm before the pack attack. They were bigger then Lloyd's pack and more violent. Lloyd's only thought process was to get his sister and family to safety. Only when he reached the nursery did he see the death of his mate and pups. Torn and angry Lloyd fought like a savage. His moment of truth was stopped when he watched his sister get her throat teared out. He watched her bleed out until she stopped breathing. Then he fled. There was no one for him to protect as his pack was smaller then the one attack. He saw some of his pack flee however, he never knew how many survived for he never looked back. For another two years Lloyd traveled alone, mending his wounds and heartache. It was when he was five did he start looking for a pack and he found one called Northern Frost. There he met the Alphess known as Cherokee. He joined her and soon she gained his friendship, with that he was the new Beta of the pack.

Speed: 7
Strength: 10
Stamina: 3
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Lloyd the bat
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