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A semi realistic wolf rpg
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 The Totems

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PostSubject: The Totems   The Totems EmptySat Sep 19, 2015 8:39 pm

When joining the pack, each wolf will receive an animal that is said to be their guardian. What they will receive will depend on the wolf's personality, strengths and weaknesses. Below are a list of available totems and what they represent.

- Bat: Those represented by bats are usually dark and mysterious. Though they are trustworthy individuals as well, you can always trust them with a secret.

- Bear: Those represented by bears are often described as overprotective.  They will do anything for their friends and family, until the bitter end, and can get quite aggressive when threatened.

- Cat: Those who are represented by cats are known to have long lives, outliving most of their generation. Though they are usually kind, they tend to be shy and keep to themselves.

- Cougar: Those represented by cougars are head strong individuals. Though strong, they are often known to bite off more then they can chew. They are stubborn, and are known to get into frequent fights.

- Coyote: Those represented by coyotes are often very hyper and lively. Even as they grow older they never seem to loose their pup like nature. They are known to be good friends and companions.

- Deer: Those represented by deer are usually shy and graceful.  They are very docile, and sometimes fragile. They are usually quick on their feet and posses good stamina.  

- Dolphin: Those represented by dolphins are very social. They like to talk a lot, and are known to be good companions, though it has been proven they are bad at keeping secrets.

- Eagle: Those represented by eagles usually posses a dominant nature. They are noble and respected throughout the pack, often looking down upon others. They always seem to think there is only one way of doing things, and that is their way.

- Elephant: Those represented by elephants are strong and packed with muscle, though they tend to lack speed and stamina, and often find it hard to keep up with the rest of the pack.

- Fox: Those represented by foxes are quick and cunning. Though not packed with muscle they are good at strategy, as well as persuading others into doing what they want.

- Hare: Those represented by hares lack strength, but are some of the fastest of wolves on land. They are shy, but are determined individuals, and are known to be very friendly.

- Horse: Those represented by horses are known to be some of the most loyal wolves in the pack. They are always willing to lend a helping paw to anyone in need,

- Lion: Those represented by lions are aggressive by nature. They may seem a bit rude on the outside, but deep within  they are also some of the most caring wolves in the pack, though they often will not show it.

- Monkey: Those represented by monkeys are jokesters. They always like to goof around instead of doing work. Though they are always helpful when someone needs a good laugh.

- Owl: Those represented by owls are some of the most intelligent in the pack. They are often described as wise, and enjoy sharing their knowledge with others,

- Raven: Those represented by ravens are tricksters. They like to pull pranks on others, and often get away with it too.

- Robin: Those represented by robins are some of the most beautiful wolves. They are often stubborn, and use beauty and charm to get others to do their work for them.

- Seal: Those represented by seals are good swimmers. They are attracted to the water, and love warm weather when lakes are warm enough to swim in.

- Shark:  Those represented by sharks are usually fierce. They are some of the most feared in the pack. They easily become outraged, and posses the strength no one wants to mess with.

- Tiger: Those represented by tigers are usually aggressive, yet still caring. They are strong and stealthy, yet seem to lack stamina. They are average runners.[/center]

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The Totems
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