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A semi realistic wolf rpg
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 Site wide/ Monthly plots [S]

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PostSubject: Site wide/ Monthly plots [S]   Thu Oct 01, 2015 3:20 pm

I was thinking, staff members could perhaps begin discussing certain monthly and site wide plot events, OC (Out of character) or IC (In character); It could be a group hunt, an enemy encounter or other!

Based on Suggestions;
Depending on what members mention, and are wanting to see site-wise; we (as staff members) will ensure we give it our all to those familiar. This helps keep the activity to a reasonable status, and boosts muse for those struggling to find it!

Current Ideas

Site Wide;
i. Character Interviews (New!)
ii. Newsletter (Implemented)
iii. Banner Contest (Ongoing)
iv. A second pack - (Rival/Ally) to Northern Frost
vi. Coming soon

And much more!

Plot based - (Northern Frost)
i. A 'Beary' unusual encounter; Northern Frost members are on high alert due to being notified of a possible threat residing within the woodlands just outside of the den site. Do the pack stand up to the menace and defeat it - Disregarding the possibilities of casualties. Or do they try to fend it off and scare the bear away.

Note:// This bear has recently come out of hibernation meaning he is angry, hungry and the likeliness of him being a thread is nearing 80%. (Elijah)

ii. Coming soon

iii. Coming soon

iv. Coming soon

vi. Coming soon

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PostSubject: Re: Site wide/ Monthly plots [S]   Thu Oct 01, 2015 4:16 pm

As you probably know from reading the wq thread, Northern frost has a site wide plot. If someone hasn't read up on it for whatever reason you can do so here or in the wolfquest thread. However I haven't gotten into detail about how this plot is going to end, which I think you guys should know.

Once the pack reaches Nakariave there will be an enemy pack, as you may have guessed. The same pack that drove Northern Frost out generations ago still resides there. For this, people will be able to make temporary second characters for free as part of the enemy pack. Until then, the pack is on the move and most likely will not encounter many other packs for long periods of time, while there may be some disputes with other packs, there will be nothing major. So while having conflict with other packs is fine for a plot idea, having an actual 'enemy' pack will not happen until they reach Nakariave.

I really like the idea of this thread! and I think we may just put A Beary Unusual encounter to use if others like the idea.

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Site wide/ Monthly plots [S]
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