Northern Frost

A semi realistic wolf rpg
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 The Main Plot

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PostSubject: The Main Plot   Sat Sep 19, 2015 8:37 pm

Welcome, weary traveler.
Are you ready to face your destiny?
With many stories to tell, and countless more to be made, we welcome you to our community. The pack has survived many hardships, and it is now time to take back what is rightfully ours.

Our ancestors used to be the guardians of the sacred land known as Nakariave.  Though cold, the land was known to be a paradise for wolves who could stand the harsh conditions. Prey was abundant, and there was plenty of shelter making the perfect living conditions for these canines. Though the land had more then just its resources to share, it had many stories to tell. Countless wars had been fought over this paradise. Though our ancestors were able to keep claim to it for many generations.  What really makes this place so special? it is a sanctuary for all wolves who want to escape the harsh world beyond. Everyone with a kind soul was welcomed into their ranks.

However, one fateful day a pack of wolves with pure darkness in their hearts attacked the kingdom.  Unprepared, and outnumbered, our pack was forced to retreat from the lands and into the frozen wastelands. After months of traveling, they settled in a new home, though not without causalities. Many were lost during the war, and even more during the journey.  

Generations later, it is our time.  Destiny calls us back to Nakariave.  We must face the long trek our ancestors once traveled, and be prepared for whatever awaits us at the end of our journey.


In the rp, you will start off as a loner who stumbles across the pack. One of the Alphas will determine if you are the right fit to join the ranks.  

As the plot progresses, new places will be unlocked as the pack travels farther.  There are four key places where the role play will take place. If the pack has either passed or have not yet reached the location, the board will be locked.

The pack will start off in the mountainous region.  This is their home territory they will soon leave behind in search for Nakariave. The pack will spend approximate two weeks from when the rp begins until they leave behind their home land.

Next they will stumble upon the bay.  The pack must adapt to this new environment, as most of the prey lives in the water. They must find ways to catch it. The pack will spend approximately one month here before moving on.

The next location is the frozen wastelands. Here prey is hard to find.  The pack must make due with what little they have in order to survive. The pack will spend approximately 1 month here before leaving.

Lastly, after their long journey, the pack will reach their destination, Nakariave. Here is where the pack must face their enemies, to claim back what is rightfully theirs. The pack will stay here as their new home if they are able to claim it. From this point on, new plot ideas will be made to keep the roleplay active.

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The Main Plot
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