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A semi realistic wolf rpg
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 let's see if i can properly introduce myself.

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PostSubject: let's see if i can properly introduce myself.   Fri Sep 25, 2015 5:46 pm

{kenney | he/him | bisexual | jan 25 | hazel | brown | 5'6' | teenager | hopeless romantic | pink | blue | red | coffee | azure bluets | judging | blunt | advice-giver | coder | role-player | introvert | not really mature | opinionated | sensitive | shy | funny | caring | kind | irritable | gamer | writer | cats | dogs | fish | boot-fanatic | pessimistic | easy-going | usually approachable}

hey, there! i've been role-playing for four years - give or take a few months. i'm an intermediate/advanced role-player but i don't role-play that much anymore. i'm extremely lazy and unmotivated because of my depression but, hopefully, i can overcome it! i go by the name kenney, in real life, though it isn't my birth-name. i identify as male and therefore go by he/him pronouns. i'm bisexual. i also have a sleeping disorder and live in the pst timezone (-7:00). um i love coffee, am a fish-lover, cat-lover, and a dog lover! sheep are my favorite animal. i am also a boot-enthusiast as well as a casual gamer. i love assassin's creed.

my favorite genres of music are punk rock, alt rock, indie rock, and heavy metal. i am completely in love with matthew bellamy and dexter holland. um my favorite color is pink! i'm 5'6' but wish i was shorter. i'm a humble, hormonal teenager, at the moment. i don't really have a favorite food. if i had to choose, it would be chicken noodle soup.

those are just some facts about me off the top of my head <3. i also collect the batman: arkham series. i, sadly, don't have a ps4 so i can't get the most recent installment and actually be able to play it. batman: arkham origins was a real let-down, in my opinion. the dlc didn't even work for me. anyway, if you are a fan of the batman: arkham games, i will be your friend for life <3<3<3.
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let's see if i can properly introduce myself.
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