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 Pack Rankings

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Pack Rankings

Here you can find all of the ranks that make up the pack, as well as what duties they each posses.

Superior Ranks

Alpha: There are two alphas in the pack, usually they are mates. Together they make important decisions of the packs behalf. They are the utmost respected members throughout the pack, and will often be known as the leaders.

Beta: Like the alphas, there are two betas in the pack, one male and one female, though they do not necessarily have to be mates. They help the alphas with decisions about the pack, and assist in leading.

Delta: There are also two Deltas in the pack, one male and one female, though do not have to be mates. They are the wolves to make sure everything stays in order and everyone is doing their jobs correctly in the pack. They take direct orders from the alphas and sometimes betas.

High Ranks

Lead Warrior: An individual wolf who has proved themselves as a loyal member and a skilled fighter. They take command over other warriors. If war happens upon the pack, they will help the alphas / betas in planning out strategies in taking the enemy down.

Lead Hunter: An individual wolf who has proven themselves to be a loyal member and a skilled hunter. They lead the other hunters on hunts, and often plan the strategies needed to take down prey.

Lead Healer: An individual who has proven loyal to the pack and a skilled healer. They take command of other healers, often leading expeditions to find herbs and needed materials to help heal the sick and wounded.  

Lead Scout: An individual wolf who has proven to be a loyal member to the pack and a skilled scout. Their job is to lead other scouts on expeditions in search of prey, threats, or nearly anything worth reporting back to the superiors.

Lead Guard: An individual wolf who has proven to be a good guardian of the pack.  He takes command of other guardians, and reports back to the superiors when threats are in the area.

Middle Ranks

Warrior: The warriors are the fighters of the pack, under the command of the lead warrior. They defend the pack from dangers.

Hunter: The wolves who hunt for the pack. They work under the command of the lead hunter.

Healer: They help heal the sick and wounded, and specialize in knowing materials that will help heal them. They work under the command of the lead healer.

Scout: Scouts help find prey or deceased carcasses, as well as look for threats that may be a danger to the pack. Because they are good observers of things that are essential for the pack, they will often guide the pack when on the move,or will be sent ahead to scout out a safe route to follow. They work under the command of the lead scout.

Nanny: These wolves help care for the pups when the mother is absent. There is no lead nanny.

Subordinate Ranks

Elders: The elders are older wolves who have retired from their position. They are often wise and experienced and enjoy telling stories to the younger wolves.

Omegas: Omegas are the lowest rank of the pack. They often like to goof off instead of doing work, and are known to get themselves into trouble.

Pups: The youngest generation of the pack. They are defenseless and depend on the other wolves to take care of them.

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Pack Rankings
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