Northern Frost

A semi realistic wolf rpg
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 Anna says hi!

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PostSubject: Anna says hi!   Thu Sep 24, 2015 4:41 pm

Welp, here we go a first brief introduction from myself!

Names Anna, I'm 22 years old and recently graduated - resulting in a full time job. Though nothing to do with my degree. Retail is fairly easy if I may say so myself! I love reading, writing, gaming, socialising, etc.

Literally just getting back into the just of writing, so forgive my lame posts/replies. Once I get back on track, and my muse explodes you will be telling me to keep quiet!

You may have noticed, I have already posted [S] - Suggestions for the pack, despite it lacking in members. I feel Northern Frost has the potential to grow, and to be a part and help aid that, well lets just say I'm more than willing to do so, be it advertising, affiliating etc.

Look forward to roleplaying with the current members of Northern Frost! Lets get this pack rolling! Peace!
- Anna

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Anna says hi!
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