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A semi realistic wolf rpg
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 Elijah - Noble One

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PostSubject: Elijah - Noble One   Thu Sep 24, 2015 4:25 pm


Name: Elijah Noah Mikaelson
Age: 4 Years
Gender: Male
Breed: Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Rank: Delta
Totem: Horse [Known as 'The Noble One']


Mother: Esther Anne Mikaelson [Deceased]
Father:Michael Douglas Mikaelson [Alive]
Siblings: Freya Rose Mikaelson [Alive - but though to be dead],
Niklaus Peeta Mikaelson [Alive]
Other Family: Unknown
Friends:None at the moment
Stats: 10 Str, 5 Spe, 5 Stam
Voice Actor: Daniel Gillies


Elijah is protected by a layer of dense fur, the majority of it being cream hue. The exceptions consist of his nape/ chest tuff, above his eyes and the top of his crown being a slate colour followed by a mixture of cream and ivory hues. His pupils are a golden colour, and his eyes are surrounded by a black outline. His tail is longer than most. As for his body, he is above average for male wolf, weighing in at 42 kg. He is a large wolf standing roughly 40 inches. Elijah is largely built, his muscles strong with large paws enabling him to withstand most combatant's.


The man is often refereed to as 'the noble one' or at least he was during the ruling of his former pack - Whom were slaughtered by his demonic, chaos driven brother Niklaus. To Elijah nobleness is more than a title, He is honourable, he is brave and unlike his brother Elijah is not corrupted - though this does not mean he has not suffered. He respects his superiors, but know that with his respect comes an unbreakable bond. Elijah wishes for not for the greater good, but for peace amongst all those living within the realm. To be a king is not on his top priorities - but to regain law and order is.

Elijah is as the personality trait states, a quick thinker. There are often times when one becomes confused and lost within a state of mind? And you ask, how does one conquer that? No its not the first thing that pops into your head! Elijah possesses ample intellect meaning everything is easily understandable to him. You could say he had power over the minds of others when in a debate, but that's not always the case. Elijah may be a quick thinker, but despite his intelligence regarding responses it can be deemed manipulative.

Although reasoning with comrades and other's can sometimes lead to regret - Elijah tries his best to ensure the safety of not only himself, but both his family and friends as well - If concluding problems with reason means all will be without harm or Elijah will do so. He has lost one to many - ranging from family members to the love of his life and he is not willing to re live his suffering.

Despite the individuals that deem him manipulative, Elijah is highly trustworthy and a promise is a promise to him - kept until his last dying breath. He is no traitor, and as for those who are? Their presence is not taken lightly. Some may fear his nobleness, but most think highly of him because of the ample respect he holds for those close to him - be them of blood relation or not.

Power is not what Elijah thrives off, He cares little for quarrelling with others, and focuses on making peace with all those he can - be them an enemy or comrade. Elijah is decisive when problems arise, and for the most part they are taken into consideration - thus solving them. He does not wish to command anyone, he just states his own opinions. If they are not shared, who's to say the realm will ever re claim its peace? A lesson to be learned from Elijah is that holding back is a weakness. You must speak your mind and overcome the fear of voicing your own opinions.

Above all, Elijah is a caring man. Although he may not show it as often as he should, his love for others is a bond almost as powerful as the one he has for family - and though perhaps not blood related, he regards all trustworthy comrades a part of his family. Children are one of few weaknesses when it comes to Elijah, and all though knowing of his sire, whom was not the best candidate for his childhood, to Elijah he is father-ready. Should any harm come to children of his own, or of his 'pack', those who do so will not live to see the next day. Despite being a perfect candidate for a patriarch - he rarely shows his affection for his female partners, though this is for not only theirs but his own safety.


Coming soon...

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PostSubject: Re: Elijah - Noble One   Fri Sep 25, 2015 5:25 pm

As long as you add a history later I don't mind approving this now.
So, I declare this application accepted!
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Elijah - Noble One
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