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A semi realistic wolf rpg
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PostSubject: ..::Cherokee::..   Tue Sep 22, 2015 6:43 pm


    Name: Cherokee

    Age: Three years

    Gender: Female

    Breed: Timber wolf

    Rank: Alpha

    Totem: Fox


    Mother: May - May was a kind and caring leader.  She was respected throughout the pack as a single alpha for many years.  That was until she met a mysterious loner. Though he was not as kind and gentle towards others as she was, the two fell in love giving birth to a single pup. May passed away two years later defending her pack from rouges, who unfortunately left many dead. She left the pack under the rule of her only offspring, Cherokee, and made her promise she would rebuild the pack to its former glory.  [Deceased]

    Father: Nex - Nex was kicked from his birth pack for challenging the alpha for the position. Things did not go his way and he was banished from the territory and searched aimlessly for a new home. He was always aggressive towards others, until he met a female who showed him that there was more to life than just proving your dominance. Falling in love with her and having a pup ended up being too much for him, so he eventually ran away without a trace.  [Unknown]

    Siblings: Cherokee was the only survivor of her litter.

    Friends: To be added as they are made.


    Build: Cherokee has a rather slender build, though with thick fur she looks bigger than she actually is. Being light weight she is built for running long distances without tiring out so easily.

    Fur: Her fur is longer than most other wolves, and is silky in texture.  She has a bland of many different colors throughout her fur, including brown, white, and grey. Though the most dominant color in her fur is silver.

    Eyes: Cherokee's eyes are dull and don't stand out much in the dark, though they shine beneath the light, almost appearing to glow. They consist of a silver color that is lighter than her fur.


    Personality: Cherokee is a kind hearted wolf.  She is understanding and always listens to others suggestions and opinions.  She is an experienced leader, and is accepting and understanding towards most, though doesnt take lightly to those who pose a threat.  Though most other wolves agree she is a fair leader, she is also known to be stubborn.  Though she listens to others opinions and tries to tie their ideas in with hers, things always have to get done a certain way, and won't stand for others not listening to her.  

- The Snow
Ever since a little pup, Cherokee has always enjoyed the snow around her.  Often times she will still act like a pup and roll around and play in the white frozen blanket that covers the ground. While she isn't a fan of it always being cold in the north, she does like it because there is a lot of snow.  

- The Nighttime
Cherokee enjoys a lot about the night.  She enjoys stargazing, as well as looking at the moon. She enjoys the overall beauty of the night sky.   She also likes that at night's light is dim and is soft on her eyes.  

- Loyalty
Cherokee enjoys being around wolves who are loyal to the pack. Putting trust in others easily, she expects them to take that trust and use it wisely.  Betrayal is the easiest way to become her enemy.

- Fighting
While play fights are fine, Cherokee despises when there is a reason behind the fight.  She beleives issues can usually be talked out, and violence is almost never the answer unless absolutely necessary. She will do her best to break up fights and find a solution that suits all parties involved.

- Boastfulness
While everyone has their talents, Cherokee believes that no one has the right to go showing them off for no good reason. It easily gets on her nerves.  

- Disrespect
As the alpha of the pack, she expects to be respected and is not happy when expectations are not met. When others give her attitude it annoys her to no end.


- Stealth
Ever since Cherokee was very young she has been able to move about without being seen or heard.  Because of this she is able to spy on others when necessary, or escape from a fight unnoticed.

- Stamina
Cherokee possess very good stamina. She is able to be active for long periods of time without getting tired.  This comes in handy when fighting because she is able to put forth her full strength once the enemy has been worn out.  

- Strategy
Cherokee is very good at coming up with strategies when in conflict, even under the pressure of only having several seconds to do so.  She is well organized and often plans out strategies for the pack to follow.


- Gullible
Cherokee often puts trust in others, even if she barely knows them.  She believes that everyone is good in their own way, though sometimes that kind of thinking comes back to bite her.  She will often see innocence in the most violent of souls, and believe in their lies.  She is very easy to trick into believing a wolf is someone their not.  

- Strength
Cherokee is weaker then many wolves.  Because of this she is unable to use brute strength when fighting and depends strongly on her speed, stamina, and strategy.    

- Stubborn
Cherokee likes things to go her way, and expects others to follow her orders.  She will accept help from others, but in the end she expects things to go as planned and refuses to change her mind once plans are in process. She also will not admit to her wrong doing.  

     It was a beautiful night, the full moon dominated the sky lighting the atmosphere in a dim glow. The star twinkled brightly in the skies above, and most were at peace. Though that was untrue for the silver colored female who lie alone in the cave, awaiting the return of her mate. She howled in pain, letting the sound of agony ring through the territory for all to hear.  Though it would all be worth it soon, when she would give birth to her newborn pups.

    Little did she know at the time that her mate had run away, leaving her alone to raise the pups.   Though she was not alone in the cave for long.  Eventually she gave birth to three puppies.  Two silver in color like herself, and one a dark brown like her mate.  However to her disappointment two of them did not make it through their first hour of life, and she was left with only one.  It was one of the two silver females. She decided to name her Cherokee.  

    Growing up, Cherokee was not aware of the hardships her future held. In the beginning, life was simple as could be. She would play with other pups who were born that same spring, and grew up alongside them. When playing with the other pups, she was not the fastest, nor the strongest, but no one could outwit her. She had the best strategies out of the bunch. She was also a stealthy individual, very good a sneaking about and catching others by surprise.  It was also apparent that Cherokee would grow to be a strong hearted leader, just like her mother.  She was stubborn, but fair. She was taught by her mother how to lead the pack properly, and as the only survivor of her offspring, she would be the one to inherit the pack after May was no longer able to lead.

    As she grew, her skills increased alongside her size.  She was never able to push herself to become the fastest or strongest.  When fighting was necessary to protect who she cared for, she used intelligence as well as strategy to overcome her challenges.   Though she made sure to keep them in touch, she rarely had to use her skills. Her life was for the most part calm and peaceful. Though one day all of that changed.

    A pack of rogues came in from the wastelands in search for a new home, and they were prepared to fight if need be for the perfect territory.   Northern Frost was not ready to give up their home and retreat once again, and would stand their ground. The pack had certainly grown more aggressive since they had ruled over Nakariave, and instead of planning things out as they should have, they jumped right into the fight. Unprepared, many lost their lives, including Cherokee’s mother.  With her dying breaths, she managed to tell her daughter to lead the pack,  help it survive and grow flourish once again.  

    Cherokee immediately began to map out a plan in her head. Once word had spread about the new strategy the tides began to turn.  After fighting to the best of their ability, they were finally able to drive away the rogues, though it was already too late.  The pack had suffered major casualties.  The snow was stained red with blood and the smell of death filled the air. The pack lost many that night, leaving them weak.

    The pack became depressed and lazy, and it stayed this way for several months.  Cherokee knew  It was time to strengthen back up the numbers to heal the wounds the rogues had left on the pack.  She needed to motivate the members to get up and help rebuild the pack. Though, that would take a lot of effort.  

    The female has planned several events to help bring the pack to its once former glory.  Though it won’t be easy, and she wonders if she will be able to strengthen the pack back up enough to face the hardships ahead of them.
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